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Desert Corvette Association, which was founded on April 1, 1976, and we are currently over 100 members.  Our members enjoy a great range of fun things to do in, around, and related to the world’s first & only continuously mass-produced fiberglass-bodied sports car.  Anything and everything you may (legally) enjoy doing with your CORVETTE, we do. 
Whether you enjoy rallying, day caravans, overnighters or just showing it off (the car!), we have organized events in which you can participate.  We have members active in autocrossing and road racing (PAS). But even if you just enjoy just sitting around “bench racing” or other forms of “tall tale telling”, …many of our members are well practiced at these, too.  DCA is also renowned for our parties, whether they are organized or impromptu, our members enjoy getting together just for fun. And just so you know, DCA is a not-for-profit organization that supports a great number of local charities. We are always giving to our communities in one way or another.
Our members include a very special group of experienced and knowledgeable Corvetters.  Virtually any question or problem you may have with your CORVETTE can be expertly addressed by some member(s) of the DCA.  Among our members are vintage Corvette restorers, engine builders, performance specialists, chassis experts, tire experts, pro and semi-pro racing drivers (and lots of amateurs),  …and even a land speed record holder (twice!).    


Please feel free to join us at our meetings and/or our events at anytime! We would love to have you and welcome you to our club. 


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